Welcome to the Tesco Future Farmer Foundation

Applications are opening on the 24th August 2020..


 Please come back then to apply, you can keep up to date with the programme in the meantime by following us on Facebook.  

A fantastic opportunity for the next generation 

There is nothing quite like the Future Farmer Foundation 

Our sixth intake are now well underway with their Future Farmer Foundation year. This means two hundred young farmers from around the UK & Ireland will have attended the programme to develop their future in our amazingly diverse farming and aquaculture industry. The programme has been shaped from the very start by asking young farmers what they need to build their careers. They told us they wanted to build their business skills, to learn more about today's fast moving supply chains and to find out from industry experts what they need to know to be successful. The programme meets these needs and delivers a whole lot more.

You will meet some amazing people

Anyone who has been on the programme will tell you this. First of all you'll get to know a group of like minded young farmers who face many of the same challenges as you. But, you also get to find out from them what works, where they see future opportunities and how they manage key challenges, like succession and obtaining land.  You also meet and learn from top industry professionals across banking, law, consultancy, accountancy as well as senior executives in food businesses. 

The programme is free

We know this might seem to be too good to be true, but it is. The programme is sponsored by Tesco to help to develop a thriving and dynamic farming industry and to meet one of its key aims of helping young people.  

What's on offer

A remarkably diverse range of activities are organised to develop personal skills and industry knowledge. Over twelve months, your diary will be packed with events, all designed to broaden your horizons and help shape your future.


Four key elements make up the programme


Leading experts will help you get to grips with the financial, business and life skills you need to succeed



Supply Chain

Visit leading food and farming businesses to build knowledge of supply chains


Need to polish up your skills - tap into the dedicated training fund




There's nothing to beat experience: we will find someone to guide you

Tesco Future Farmer Foundation



To stay informed about the Future Farmer Foundation, please provide your contact details.


We welcome your thoughts, comments, or personal contact requests. 


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